Bsd updating clamav

It will correctly get the needed files.[quote]Why is Cent OS so slow with all this?

Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, PC-BSD, yes even Gentoo have up to date clamav packages.

bsd updating clamav-57

A basic knowledge of BSD, smtp and dns is expected and required.Though they will be mentioned, Domain Keys and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) configuration will not be discussed in detail.Blaming it on the user will not solve your crappy OS.jult, we may have gotten off on a bad foot... Please run [quote]rpm -qa --queryformat="%-%-%.%.rpm\n" clam*[/quote] I suspect, as others have noted, that we an Arch issue.we can all be a bunch of sensitive peeps in certain situations.. The arch resolver in the yum version we are stuck with does not yet handle arch well in some cases.Like I wrote before: It's clearly not my problem, as I didn't start this thread, and never had this using other linux OS-es. If you would care or be able to read, you'd have known WHY people start using other repositories for clamav. So, it is in fact the other way around: The only argument you have against valid critics is trying to lose them because they like to be secure. By the way, I noticed how FC also boots in one third the time Cent OS takes (and yes, I know why, I've actually coded for FC).

The dependency issues arise while doing nothing out of the ordinary, following the wiki about repositories.

This session is aimed at administrators who can't or won't use 3rd-party mail hosting (and who would?

) but still need a reliable, spam- and virus-resistant mail server.

The instructor will conduct the tutorial on Open BSD and will attempt to help students who want to use another BSD platform supported by Open SMTPD.

The session is aimed primarily at single or low-mail-server-count environments but is open to anyone who wants to learn more about running Open SMTPD for production mail services. To get the most out of it, please bring a laptop with Open SMTPD, Spam Assassin and Clam AV installed.

Because Cent OS is so slow with these updates people look for external yum repositories, with all kinds of miserable consequences.