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Almost every long dj mix I acquire these days needs some gristle trimmed away.Aabtek, is a site dedicated to the minimal techno scene of Aalborg (Denmark).

--EC Brown 12.2007 Epitonic was a godsend after originally trudging through the great trash heap known as MP3Of all of the amalgamated mp3 sites on the web, this is definitely the best in terms of content quality, and utilizes a most helpful search/recommendation system. (almost an album's worth of their scorch) '68 Comeback (garage) Thee Headcoats and Holly Golightly Rovo (with Yamamoto from the Boredoms) Thuja (ambient psych) Azusa Plane (psych/noise/drone - some lengthy pieces) Aix Em Klemm (ambient rock) Randy Grief (creepy electro and samples) Zoviet France (legendary electronicists) Alp (compositions from everyday sounds) Goem (repetitive and minimal) Badawi (dub with Mideastern loops) Nortec Collective (Tijuana d&b) SQ (lo-fi droning) Nordisk Sang (Nordic folk compilation) Badar Ali Khan (cousin to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) Oliveros/Dempster/Panaiotis (performing in a 2-million-gallon cistern) Stefano Scodanibbio (experimental contrabass) The Mount Everest Trio (mid-1970's Swedish jazz) Luther Thomas/ Human Arts Ensemble (more kickass jazz) Mountain Goats (frenetic folk) Michael Yonkers Band (primative psych-garage) I've heard that Epitonic was sold by its creators (now administering Better Propaganda) to a larger corporation.It's open format, so mostly amateur contributions, but might be worth a bit of foraging.Klot is a similar site, with a few recognizable names. English DJ Inigo Kennedy provides some respectable tracks off his site.At first, these tended toward pop, pop-rock, and variations of indie-pop, and the good pickins were slim.

Nowadays, things are starting to get interesting as these blogs specialize and adopt themes.I've also heard that it will cease to add new entries, but fortunately will keep the archives online.There is a growing population of weblogs that pepper their monologues with mp3's (available for a limited time, usually a week).Katyana's Oddio Overplay is a homemade music resource site on growth serum.Her Super Sounds page is similar to this one here -- heavier on the pop music, but she does attach a thumbnail to each link, which is rather nice. Then you can kill plenty of time with the links on her "Listen" and "Links" pages.At the point I decided to call it quits in 2006, I was facing yet another long and irritating task of updating broken links, and it became clear I had been poised to work against the transitory nature of the Web rather than work with it.