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This little mod will allow you to totally eliminate the need of Archive Invalidation, no more messing around with Archive or BSA edits from Oblivion Mod Manager, your replacement textures will work without any fiddling around at all now!This mod works by installing a new BSA and adding it to the start of the BSA loading list in the Oblivion.ini, Oblivion_and Construction

Inadvertently invalidating your home insurance can be surprisingly easy, so it's important to be extra conscientious.

Locking windows and doors and being honest with your insurer are some of the ways you can help ensure you're covered in the event of a burglary or accident.

Check with your policy provider what is insured for use in the garden.

Secure any valuables like lawnmowers, shears or a barbeque in a shed with a lock, or in your house.

Read on to find out more of the ways you can invalidate your policy - and to learn how to avoid them.

Accidental damage covers most eventualities - acts of God, children running amok, and most breakages, leaks or spillages.Only the first loaded BSA that contains textures becomes the "main" texture BSA that Archive Invalidation is run on thus any other BSA's containing textures are unaffected by it.-This will work with all versions of Oblivion.-Some mods like "Francesco's leveled creatures/items mod" register its BSA's in the Oblivion.ini, after installing this mod you will lose those BSA entries and will have to add them back in.v1.1.0 (07/05/2007)-Updated installer and instructions, hopefully final version.Found the true cause of Archive Invalidation and the best way to avoid it, everything about Archive Invalidation Invalidated!But there are some things accidental damage doesn't cover, and you shouldn't assume that this policy option is included in your home insurance.Consider the following areas related to 'damage': Getting out the drill or hammer and doing a bit of DIY on a Sunday may seem like a good idea, but if you're accident prone check your insurance beforehand - home improvements can be a problematic area.Any unsecured tools (ladders or hammers, for example) that are used to break into your home may invalidate your insurance, so keep tools under lock and key.