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Our insurance renewal from Intact came yesterday and our rates have gone up about 20% despite the fact neither I or my wife have ever had an at-fault claim and neither of us have had a ticket in years and with the exception of a shitty old truck both our cars are always parked indoors at home and work. If anyone has any suggestions for venues for this kind of thing, please let me know. If you witnessed me get hit by a car this morning, please let me know via PM.

We exchanged accusatory glances for a few minutes before determining this rate increase appears to be completely arbitrary. The gentleman that hit me was gracious and I've got his contact info, but it would be very helpful to have a statement from an uninvolved party.

Please use this thread to discuss any job/career relevant questions or other information you might have to share with the sub. i was wondering what others are paying for the new service as my internet 150 contract is done i was offered 92.5/month on contract for 2 years on the internet 300 should i take that? With my adrenaline pumping I neglected to ask any of those that offerred assistance for their details.

hey is any current shaw customer who was previously on the internet 150 now on the internet 300? Thanks for reading this; I was hit by a car cutting across the bike lane this morning riding a black bicycle sometime between and 8am.

I also made a deal with the owner that for every person that shows up to have wings, he donates to the food bank. Hey Calgary, I just got back from vacation out east (Ontario, New Brunswick & PEI), my wife and little 8 month old are still in New Brunswick with my wifes folks.

(Plus two reps attended from the food bank to collect $$ donations). That said, I am incredibly bored after work and wouldn't mind doing a hike after work or maybe a nice early hike Saturday morning.I guess not knowing the capabilities of what a Realtor can actually help with I'm really just using the person for viewing homes and making offers which to me, is not worth the coin they demand (and yea, I get that there is huge ownus on them to ensure the contract is sound, but they generally use a standard contract so...). I'm building a 2'6" deck with stairs so I need to get a permit from the city.The city information doesn't say anything about stairs needing 4" below ground concrete footings. I'd rather not dig two more holes if I don't need too.I log into AOL, get into a couple of chat rooms, talk to people with "girl" names and give them a link to my so they can check me out...then invite them over to my bachelor pad for some disco and wine...for the 10% who are actually women, it works out quite well. If you want to bone, tinder works quite well - assuming you're good looking and are quick to respond.You might have been scammed of your money or played for that dope head, who keeps sending presents to a girl he’ll never get to see. Or travel long gruelling hours just because you want to hit some ass.