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:) You might say that this one movie - made during a stand-out decade for the medium - was inspired by real life events.

It's ironic though because the now/long time permanent A list actor who starred in it had been literally, and on foot, pursued by radicals of a different kind.

His instincts were vindicated - just not in the way he imagined.The change in leadership was not in fact favorable to him and his men - he was indicted, after all - but by the time the more favorable leadership came, and his record was wiped clean (with, and could you even make this up, the support of his former boss), the whole movement was a pathetic husk of its former self, a relic from a different, more chaotic time.It all took place roughly a half-decade earlier when he was living in New York.There were flattering overtures by members of this one group - a cell within a cell - who lived in the neighborhood.Miraculously, a majority of the ordinance went unexploded, and only this one residence, rather than the whole neighborhood, was destroyed. The national organization was chastened by the loss, and canceled further actions which would result in injury or loss of life. Their image, carefully cultivated for decades now, has been one of misguided, but not even itinerantly murderous, radicals.

But if the very famous person who made a big return to the news cycle in recent days - an appearance in a foreign country (on a continent where, you'll note, he was not born) - had bothered to check with the then-current president (when he became acquainted with a certain group alum, I mean), he'd have known that federal law enforcement understood otherwise.The irony, of course, is that he/they were engaging in some of the very conduct that would bring down his boss, and his men.It was either him or them, he thought, and he expected a change in leadership that would be more favorable to the work he was doing.They wanted him to be for them what the famous composer had been for another group, just a few years earlier. When he began changing his daily routine to avoid them, they took notice, and staked out his apartment, following him to and from lunch dates, rehearsals, openings.But they misunderstood his initial politeness as interest. The soft sell became a hard sell, with kidnapping threats, and intimations of violence.What's more, or rather who else does this story involve?