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Ever since she started competing in international competitions, she has been helping to bring Romania to the winner’s stand, winning two golds and two bronze medals for her country in the Beijing and London Olympics, as well as a plethora of other medals from various other international competitions.

Sandra Izbasa went back and forth between deciding to retire from gymnastics.

Founded in the Belgian city of Liege back in 1881, the Federation was instrumental in ensuring that the sport of gymnastics was included in the first ever Olympic games held 15 years later.

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She was amazingly voted to the All-American every year of her undergraduate career, and won gold in seven NCAA championships.Dantzscher currently coaches gymnastics and has stayed close to the sport.She decided to take a break in 2013 to go study for a bachelor’s degree, but she was pulled back into the sport, going on to compete in the 2013 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Antwerp, Belgium.She then retired, but came out of retirement in 2015 to try for the 2016 olympics team.However, the team retroactively won the bronze medal in 2010 after it was revealed that the Chinese, who came in third place, had lied about the ages of several of its competitors.

Dantzscher continued to excel in gymnastics, competing in college at UCLA.We wanted to find out more about the women taking this sport to new heights. begin Jamie Dantzscher was one of the biggest gymnastics stars back at the turn of the 21st century.Dantzscher took the United States Women’s Gymnastics team to great heights, helping the American team reach fourth place in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.However, with the women’s liberation movement of the early 1900s, women’s gymnastics began to add more and more competitions and apparatuses that were before only considered the purview of men.Today, gymnastics is an equal opportunity sport for everyone.Dantzscher’s name has been in the news due to her allegations of abuse at the hands of several of her coaches, including former US women’s gymnastics coach Béla Károlyi.