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first premiered in 2007, no one could have predicted it would become the massive pop culture phenomenon that it is today.Almost a decade later, the hit CBS sitcom remains the top-rated comedy currently on TV.

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Rauch’s character, Bernadette, has a famously high-pitched voice. Her dissertation was an investigation of hypothalamic activity in patients with Prader–Willi syndrome.It turns out that squeaky speech pattern was inspired by a close relative of Rauch’s: her mom! Tonally, it’s very similar,” the actress joked at a Paley Fest panel in 2013, per The Hollywood Reporter. Writer Stephen Engel was the one to come up with Sheldon’s signature catchphrase.That might be fine when you’re overseeing and starring in a four-nights-a-week half-hour cable show build around a fictional personality; in fact, given how intensely Colbert-centric last summer, he ended up making a lot of decisions best left to a showrunner — a powerful, nonwriting executive producer such as ones hired by David Letterman (Robert “Morty” Morton), Conan O’Brien (Jeff Ross), and Jay Leno (Debbie Vickers).“I thought I could do it, I thought it would be a natural transition to make,” Colbert told the magazine.viewers are all too familiar with “Soft Kitty,” the tune that Sheldon likes to be comforted with when he’s sick.

You may have thought it was specially created for the comedy, but it turns out it’s a real song. But like so much else of late, that’s changed in 2017.While Fallon’s show still skews younger, Colbert has surged ahead of Fallon in overall audience, racking up five consecutive weekly victories.Intellectuals, authors, and Silicon Valley business leaders — key parts of early guest rosters — began popping up far less frequently.Behind the scenes, a quiet push was made to add more diversity to the staff.The Colbert streak began the week of President Trump’s inauguration, and that’s probably not a coincidence. Late-night shows don’t turn on a dime, and audiences don’t shift allegiances on a whim.