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The aircraft is bowing back and forth as it nearly touches ground, only to pull back up at the last possible moment. The attitude is set to touchdown on the main landing gear first.

Then the nose landing gear shall slowly descend to contact the runway.

Fortunately, the consequences of such an impact are minor, thanks to the Faraday shield effect of the aircraft.

Click here for more information about this October 28th 2016 - Accident of an MD-10 cargo operated by Fed Ex during landing at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Shortly after touchdown, the left main landing gear collapsed.

Taipei, Taiwan - February 4th 2015 - The ATR-72-600 operated by Trans Asia takes off from Taipei with 58 people onboard.

Within a minute after lift off, the right-hand engine flames out, but the crew shut down the left-hand engine.

The plane became finally airborne, but did not achieve enough altitude and crashed 3 minutes later.

Among the 6 crewmembers onboard, 5 were killed, and one survived.This video shows what happen when the flare maneuver is missed.This Let 410 has completely missed its flare: the pilot did not pitch up before landing.Therefore, engines were not anymore able to give power to the aircraft. The plane looses altitude, hit a taxi on a viaduct with its left wing and crashes in the Keelung River.15 occupants are injured, and 43 occupants are killed. Click hereafter for Amazing landing of a Boeing 767 at the Birmingham airport, England.A fire erupted on the left hand side due to fuel leakage, followed by an explosion in the same area. Click hereafter for Prague, Czech Republic October 4th, 2016 Strong cross-winds nearly led to a disastrous landing at Pragues Airport.