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— William Mallom, clericus, Richard Elyot, A Cah)idar of Feet of Fims for IVillshiye. Leente with other messuages and lands in Leente Hulle, Mokenhulle, 11 igh worth, and IMarlcborough.

— John Estmond, clericus, John Warde, clcricus, aud William Fe Lyplace and Elizabeth his wife ; manor of . — William Alcn and Thomas Lctcombc and Margaret his wife; messuage and garden in Devizes.

Anno 4.— John W^-ntrcshull and A\'illiam Wolfe a}id John Skyllycorne and Mary his wife ; messuages and lands in Marleborough.

However this may have been, we find him described in William Vuno-. Wilri, ^1 dove volant pn-pcr (on the monument it appears more like An catjle volant or). Estcourt left Badgcworth, or whether he may or may not have been one of the "ejected ministers" during those troublous times for Church and State. Release of Mali Uhi Co^npayu to Nic Jiulas Fitz Waryn. And I and my heirs will warrant the foresaid lands, etc., to Nicholas, etc., against all mortal men forever. W^illiam Chafvn, Leonard Chafyn and Thomas Hall and Alice his wife ; manor of Okebourne Moysy and other messuages and lands in Okebourne Moysy. — Thomas Xewburgh, Philip Ba3'nard, John Chokke, Robert South, Thomas Chafyn, John West, Thomas Momford. 417 sergeant-at-law, John Seynesbuiye and John Westlcy ; messuages and lands in Buryngton, and Rodshawe in the parish of Steple Aysslictou. (1;7.)7-1001 - IGOl) for Bristol, proclaimed James I at the Civic Cros.s ; buried with his parents Alderman George Snigg and Margaret (wrt* Tayler) in the chancel of St. Bristol, with which citv his family had been connectt-d I'or over two hundred years ; he died 11 Nov. The rooms are laige and low, and the passages wide, and from the attic windows, or from the; top of the slope on which the house stands, may be seen . ) of August, IGGl." ' her father to Richard Eastcourt. 1st of the same year we have ''Brother Gyles Estcourt's release of Swynley to mee Rich. In testimony whereof I have set Records of IVi'/is Ju'rr Parishes. Ibid., / 103^- Charier of John Com pay u to Nic Jiolas Fitz J]^a)'y}i and his son. And I, John, etc., will warrant Nicholas, etc., against all mortals forever. Bratton, the Sunday next after the Feast of the Purification of the B.

some good chimneys, and two sun-dials, one upon the "morning" and the other upon the " afternoon " side of the house. To hold to the said Nicholas or his assigns for the term of his life, returning yearly to me and my heirs one rose at the Feast of the Nativity of St. I and my heirs will warrant to Nicholas or his assigns against all mortals. And 1 and my heii s will warrant to Nicholas, his heirs, or assigns forever. Dated at Bratton tlic Day of the Circumcision of the Lord, i Edward III. To Hold to the foi*esaid Nicholas and William and the heirs of William or his assigns of the chief lords of that fee freely and in peace forever, returning therefor the accustomed ser\"ices. Charter of J oh }i le Cook to l Yieho/as Fitz JVaryn. And I, John, and my heirs will warrant the said land to Nicholas, etc., against all mortals forever.

1639, his marriage with Ann Machen being recorded in the parish register there, April 26th, 163S, as well as the following entries : — Edmund Estcourt, baptized Jan. Counsellor at Law, 1591," the crest should be, -1 denti stag erased or. ' Two old deeds, both endorsed Oldleaze in Kingscotl ", are of some interest ; the first dated August 31st, 1C4? i'eirg a revocation of a former grant (14ih Chas.) by which " Edmun(i Estcourt, of Nownton, esq., did demise all that close of wood in Kingscotr. 1648, Oldleaze, now 50 acres, was i;ranted to John Estcourt, of Xewnton, gent., one of the sonnes of said Edmnnd for his better maintenance after the dect-ase of his lather, and as a reward for service done by said John" for lives of himself, his first wife and fir.-t son. (Tiicre was also some Bristol proi)erty, to be referred to later on.) - Robert Itcouri's death. 1652 as " of Newnton ", and liavinc; purchased Swinlcy in tliat year (possibly about the time of his father's death) he perhaps hoped to spend a few quiet years there, and from the fact of his taking a doctor's degree soon after the Restoration he may have looked forward to more work for the church in happier times. — I, Matilda, foi'merly wife of Roger Compayn of 414 IVilts Jiirc Notes and Queries.

At the east end of the soutl\ail«' there is a si)lendid moiuunent with his recumbent figure in robes of ollice, " Tilta ^ given by the present vicar of Badge- worth, it appears that George Estcourt was presented to the vicarage by Edmund^ Estcourt " pro hac vice" April ist,. Accordin£r to a grant made to "George Snigg, of Bristol.

Estcourt may have been without a "cure" at the time, he was certainl}^ clerk as well as gentleman, and a few years later took his degree of doctor of divinit}'. we learn that George Estcourt, third son of Edmund, of Bristol City, armiger, passed his matricula- tion for Magdalen Hall, Oxford, in 1624, being then 15 years of age,2 became B. Other registers have been looked up, with little success, for particulars concerning the family, but quc-^tions of age have in some cases been .oetth d by reference to other dates. 'I'lioe deeds conveyed certain messuages in the city and suburbs of Bri\oc C\ on the south side of the ohl lane leading from Langley Burrell to Allington.

Aubrey's own "delicate prospect", as from the garret at Easton Piers, " right away to Cotswold", and to Kound- way in the opposite direction, a view only excelled by that from the high ground at Clapcote. Fossil remains, full of minute shells, are found at Swinhiy, and one must not forget the great walnut tree in the orchard, which must have stood for many generations. Estcourt in which "Gyles Estcourt, of Chedglowe, in the parrish of Crudwell, Wilts, gent., for the appeasinge of differences that were like to growe betweene mee and my Brother Rich. Many bonds, counter bonds, moi'tgages, and such like deeds^ mark Richard Estcourt's short tenure of Swinley. ^ Some further remarks upon the liaylit Tcs and other families mentioned here belong more especially to another paper. For this grant the said Nicholas and William have j)aid me 20 shillings sterling.

O^S^EALOOV COLLECTION 3 1833 I GENEALOGY 942.3101 IW7145 1898 I Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2014 i Wiltshire Notes and Queries 2 pt. Estcourt of Swinly, gent., and in consideration of a release by him made to mee of all his right and title to two grounds in Kings- cott, Glo's., have demised to said R. In 1678, Henry Palmer, Barber Chyrurgion of Chippenham, obliged with a loan of ^80 (Moreshall Mead the security), and in 1682 Benjamin Talboys, of Doughton, Tetbury, gent., lent another sum of the same amount. ' Among the signatures at various dates are the names of John Scott, Jonathan Itogers, James Baynt'n, Theophilus Uaylil Te, A. Awdry, and other old Chippenham names mentioned in Mr. * A relative of Walter Grubbe, Esqr., of rottcrne, in whose house tlic money was to be paid ', where he and his two sisters lived t"or some ycars.^ A measure of the farm, taken about this time, gives tlie names of the several parcels of ground as Grove Close, I^)wer Wood Lease, Home Wood Lease, Narrow Meade, Home Close, Barn Close, Bottom Meade, Clay Hill, Congrove Hill, Hurdens, Cow Lease, Fernn}- Lease, Swains Hill or Swinsell. .- William de Maundevile and Felicia his wife ; and the reversion of \ acre of meadow held of me by John Compayn son of William Compayn.