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A prudent migrant saves enough to stay in Santiago for a year, as that is the amount of time that may be required to secure employment.

The good news for foreign women is that companies prefer foreign to Chilean women.

The Chile Forum is a free community service brought to you by the law office of Spencer Global. Name changing: My fiance and I are discussing her legally taking my last name.

Skip to content So against the advice of others on the forum, countless coworkers, and basically any Chilean man I know, I am getting married to my chilena. I know she can basically sign her name and call herself by my last name all she wants, but can it be changed legally by marriage like in other parts of the world? Te to PD: I am running close to the end of my first year on my Temporary Residence Visa.

I will tell you, if you do not want to be in bureaucratic hell, do not let your wife change her name anywhere.

Besides, it is the 21st century and women are not property (did I mention I had way too much wine at my wedding).

So you better get your arse down there (the Registro Civil local to your marriage address) ASAP. IOW, the tried and true civil ceremony at Registro first followed by a conventional religious ceremony at some later date would be recommended unless admin says otherwise. We looked into the registry office in Providencia and the waiting list is several months.

Religious ceremony by itself does not make anything legal and is OPTIONAL (unless you are devout Catholic). When I got married late last year, there was a 3-4 month wait in Santiaso and a 3-4 week wait at the local Registro in San Antonio. In Valparaiso we have a slot for December which we booked a month ago and I went in today with photocopies of my passport photo, entry stamp and tourist visa, and my partners carnet.

I am starting to put together the documents for the application.

My visa expires 5 days (3 working days) after our wedding.

Since we are only having a church ceremony, the priest told us that we would have to take a paper to the Registro Civil within a few days after the wedding to make it legal. BTW, You will need two witnesses (18 year old citizens with valid carnets), possibly a paper certified translator (judge's call), pay some small fees and make more than 1 visit to the Registro to get it done. Quoting eeuunikkeiexpat: 'In Santiago and most parts there is a waiting list for the civil ceremony.' I guess that to be on the safe side I would prefer to go with the civil ceremony first.