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), the starlit evening, and the honeymoon in Spain.But we need to take a step back and stop reviewing that fantasy every time we meet a new guy.

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If we didn’t over spiritualize it, but started taking girls out on dates and even sweeping them off their feet?

You really don’t need to pray if she’s the one for you—you need to talk to her and ask her to go somewhere with you.

Last month, I lived in anxiety wondering how in the world do I know if this is the man God wants me to date? I had met a man who loved Jesus, but did that mean we should date?

I was uncertain if God was opening a door or if our meeting in an elevator was just a random occurrence.

I know this is counterintuitive, but sometimes the harder you look for your future spouse, the more you creep out every guy at your Bible study. And two, two people who actually like and respect each other.

So stop looking for your future husband and look for a date instead. What makes up a good marriage, the type of joy-filled marriage that people see and think, “When I grow up I want a relationship that looks like that” are a couple of things. These two things are almost equally important — with commitment to Jesus edging out the other by a nose.

And the truth is, talking about those deep and personal spiritual truths on a first date has a way of making you feel invested before you actually are. On your first date, you probably shouldn’t talk about your greatest spiritual revelations. “But how will we know if God wants us to get married if we don’t talk about Jesus? if you’re in daily communication with the Lord, talk about it with him rather than trying to sort it out yourself in some colossal, way-too-early DTR.

You also probably shouldn’t tell each other about your most traumatic childhood memories or discuss your collection of rare cheeses or — I can’t believe I have to say this — drop the L-bomb. Plus, I already kind of know this guy because we’ve been in the same small group for the last three weeks.” Here’s a thought . More importantly, who made this rule about only dating the man you’re going to marry? What type of ministry do you see yourself going into?

I was certain of one thing – I wanted to follow God’s will in this decision.

Let’s be honest, figuring out God’s will in who to date seems daunting. While I was trying to figure out if I should date him, I spent weeks praying, seeking guidance and trying to find answers in the Bible, yet I still did not know God’s will.

And ladies, if you are confused about a man’s intentions—just ask him to clarify.