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She could have waited several weeks until the garnishment was final and signed the election paperwork but it looks like she had to make sure she was first on the ballot by signing up the first day, which anybody at the election board will tell you is the place you want to be. Illness, ignorance of the law or maybe she did not read the forms she was signing?

How could you not notice the state was taking money from your bank account?

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EDITOR: School boards across the country are protecting teacher's pensions and raising salaries but many are not protecting the kids. Public sector unions extract mandatory dues from all members, whether they be liberal or conservative.

I have written about this before: It's never about the kids; it's about money and politics. S Supreme Court decision that prevents public sector unions from automatically extracting dues or agency fees from employee paychecks. Then they funnel a great percent of these dues back into the Democratic Party to elect candidates that are more than willing to raise local and state taxes, which fund the rising pensions and salaries of the union workers.

Everyone remember, this is a person you are trusting to oversee million of your tax dollars, helps control academics and sets the moral compass for the district. The certified court documents and information were sent to each of the Platte County R-3 School Board members the day before they decided to vote Sharon Sherwood in as school board president for another term in April of this year. These are the people who not only handle your tax dollars and the map for your kids’ academic future but are also over Dr.

Rob Gardner and the HR department for the district, which probably decided to let the teacher mentioned above resign last week. I have no doubt as always no one other than employees will be there, no one will speak up and this kind of thing will continue but after reading this you can't say you were not informed.

MCPL is also a public, taxpayer funded organization.

It is not proper to push a partisan political ideology in a public place that thousands of other people with a variety of beliefs pay for.

--The Verkamps Houston Lake EDITOR: I have always been a supporter of the Mid-Continent Public Library system, often going there to get an escape from the rest of the world. I went to the Liberty branch searching for some good books when I saw a display right in the middle of the teen section.

This, mind you, was in an area were children go to regularly.

A publicly funded library should be a neutral place that is free from that kind of thing.

I would prefer to see displays about things that are appropriate for the library, like local history, reading, science and art.

Let's hope this breaks the back of all public-sector unions, especially the teacher's unions. It's a vicious cycle of self-entitlement and redistribution of wealth. As a taxpayer funded entity, you cannot do everything and still be faithful to the taxpayers.