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Consistent with these observations, it has been previously estimated that this T2D-protective haplotype, which shows evidence for selection in Europeans, East Asians, and West Africans, originated ∼11,900 y ago in Europe (16).

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Looking for an online dating site with a large Christian user base?Below are our experts' top picks, along with ratings based on number of Christian users, success rate, date quality and other factors.Because our Aegean samples predate the period when the rs4988235 T-allele associated with lactase persistence in Eurasia reached an appreciable frequency in Europe, around 4 kya (12 gene was heterozygous in one individual (Klei10), but all other Aegeans for whom the allelic state at this locus could be determined were homozygous for the ancestral allele, indicating a lack of iris depigmentation in these individuals.Examination of several SNPs in the gene region indicates that the two Neolithic Anatolian individuals, Bar8 and Bar31, are likely to have carried at least one copy of a haplotype conferring reduced susceptibility to type 2 diabetes (T2D); the Klei10 and Rev5 individuals also carry a tag allele associated with this haplotype.Although it has been argued that in situ Aegean Mesolithic hunter-gatherers played a major role in the “Neolithization” of Greece (7), the presence of domesticated forms of plants and animals indicates nonlocal Neolithic dispersals into the area.

We present five ancient genomes from both, the European and Asian sides of the northern Aegean (Fig.

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Recent radiocarbon dating indicates that by 6,600–6,500 calibrated (cal) BCE sedentary farming communities were established in northwestern Anatolia at sites such as Barcın, Menteşe, and Aktopraklık C and in coastal western Anatolia at sites such as Çukuriçi and Ulucak, but did not expand north or west of the Aegean for another several hundred years (5).

All these sites show material culture affinities with the central and southwestern Anatolian Neolithic (6).

Our study demonstrates a direct genetic link between Mediterranean and Central European early farmers and those of Greece and Anatolia, extending the European Neolithic migratory chain all the way back to southwestern Asia.