dating commnuity Collection updating

garak, I think it's related because this bundle depends on symfony.All I am trying to say is that currently composer file says that is compatible with 3.3 but strictly speaking it is not, because behavior differs on 3.3 and 3.2 and there is no any mention about that.The following example shows how to create an empty collection.

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The most recent games I've obtained do not show up in my collection -- or in the "Owned" section of the app I'm using) -- such as Sid Meier's Civilization: A New Dawn and Puerto Rico.

I've confirmed both on the game pages and checked the filter settings on the Collection page. Fixed, was a combination browser refresh and app reinstall issue.

This article describes how to create collections in Advanced Usergrid.

All entities are automatically associated with a corresponding collection based on the type property of the entity.

A better way to add hidden field as I mention before or even add hidden field to Vich Type.

We can leave it as is, but I think this should be described in documentation since it's really break're getting the same difference using your custom file upload solution). A specific case is not working like before, and it's not even a case limited to this bundle ('re getting the same difference using your custom file upload solution). It looks like it's more related to Symfony than to Doctrine, since collection of attachments is empty. I've implemented exactly the same code, I've used with Symfony 2.8 and Vich Upload Bundle 1.4, and everything works the same (fine), except for: The really strange thing that it is used to work before.You must then index the collection for changes to be updated in the collection.