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Potential for Identity Issues for Children Parents of biracial children will need to be diligent in helping their children value all aspects of their heritage.

Extra effort may be required to enable children to positively identify with the duality of their backgrounds and to learn how to confidently handle those awkward, “What are you? Interestingly, there is a surprising lack of academic research comparing the divorce rates of interracial couples with those of same race couples.

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However, my husband’s large and raucous Irish-American clan is the biggest group of huggers and kissers I’ve ever known.I still have to resist the urge to extend my hand for the more formal handshake first greeting that I am accustomed to.Researchers have found that happily married people tend to have lower rates of alcoholism, suicide, mental illness and loneliness and more favorable mortality and morbidity rates compared to never married and divorced individuals.When considering these benefits why would anyone reject an otherwise suitable marriage partner for no other reason than the color of his or her skin? “The Color of Love”, The American Prospect, April 8, 2002. The Case for Marriage: Why Married People Are Happier, Healthier and Better Off Financially. Issues with Housing Discrimination Although discriminatory practices in the real estate market should be a thing of the past, unfortunately there are certain geographic areas of the country or certain housing price points where locating neighborhoods that will be accepting of interracial families remains challenging.

Couples will need to do their homework in order to find a place to live that will be comfortable and welcoming to both partners and their children.

Therefore, in the process of choosing Husband #2, factors such as his willingness to stick to a budget, openly share his thoughts and feelings on a regular basis and a firm commitment to marital fidelity were much more important to me than the color of his skin.

I was single for twelve years between my first and second marriages and in that time dated men from a wide variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, including an African-American computer programmer, a Caucasian correctional officer, a Japanese doctor, a Hispanic graduate student, and an East Indian college professor just to name a few.

Even strangers can sometimes inject undue stress into interracial relationships through unkind words, stares and other rejecting behaviors.

Spouses will have to be doubly committed to supporting each other through these types of difficult circumstances.

Though he now enjoys the worship services immensely, his responsiveness to situations where his African-American friends might be reluctant to accept an invitation to accompany him to a country and western bar or some other venue where the presence of other African-Americans is unlikely has been greatly increased.