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Let’s look at the format to get a better understanding of it – source: Amazon SEC Filings If we total “shareholders’ equity” and “total liabilities”, we will get the similar balance we ascertained under “total assets”.

If “total assets” and “total liabilities shareholders’ equity” don’t match, there’s an error somehow in any financial statement.

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But in the case of consolidated balance sheet, you need to include other items like minority interest.In this article, we discuss the following – Balance sheet vs Consolidated balances sheet differences are as follows – In simple terms, a balance sheet is a sheet that balances two sides – assets and liabilities.Your chart of accounts structure can be very different for each data file.And accounting products rarely allow you to produce reports for multiple data files.For example, if ABC Company takes a loan of ,000 from the bank, in balance sheet, ABC Company will put in the following manner – So, you can see that one transaction has two-fold consequences which balance each other. Though, this is the most surface level understanding of balance sheet; once you understand it, we can develop this understanding. In assets section, we will first include “current assets”.

Have a look at the example of Amazon’s current assets – source: Amazon SEC Filings Non-currents assets are assets which pay off more than a year and these assets can’t be liquidated in cash easily. After “current assets”, we will include “non-current assets”.Some more powerful reports can report on all data files at once.You can also create multiple account hierarchies to present your consolidated data in different ways. You simply need to download Budget Link and connect it to your accounting packages and data files.Once connected, Budget Link will download all the information it needs from the multiple sources.So you decide to buy the company as a subsidiary of MNC Company. However, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) don’t give you any option.