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Luckily there are two simple steps to combine all these accounts into one Gmail account. Forward all of your various email addresses to your Gmail account.Most email clients allow the auto-forwarding of emails.This is nice and all, but you can hop to those two places from links in the left-hand navigation.

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So it should look like "to: Your [email protected]" minus the quotation marks of course.Step 5: At this point your multiple in-boxes are up and running, but you're still going to get these messages in your primary in-box too.In fact, this will become a necessity if Google drops Gmail. Because there will be no built-in email client for IMAP on the Android ecosystem.Users would have to turn to third-party apps for IMAP or POP3 email, and that is not something Google will want.If you have an old yahoo email address, or have an email address through your website host, you can set up all emails sent to those addresses to automatically be sent to your Gmail (or any other) email account.

Every email client is different, so, if you need set up forwarding” for details. Set up a “Send As” for each of your email addresses on your Gmail Account (the one you want to be your main account).Step 3: Go into Forwarding and POP/IMAP and set forwarding to on, and have it send a copy to your primary Gmail address. Step 4: Go back into the settings menu of your primary Gmail account and open the Multiple Inboxes menu.In each of the panes simply type in "to:" followed by the e-mail address of one of the forwarding accounts.To keep this from happening we're going to create a filter.Head back to settings in your master account, then click on filters. In the "to" field enter the e-mail address you're forwarding from, click next, then pick the "skip the in-box" option.For one you'll need to actively set the right "send from" e-mail address when replying to a message from one of your other in-boxes.