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Award details are as follows: “Computational and circuit mechanisms underlying motor control” (1U19NS104649-01)Total award: ,250,530 over five years.

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Columbia’s U19 award is co-led by two Principal Investigators: Dr.Jessell and Zuckerman Institute scientist Rui Costa, DVM, Ph D.The teams will also leverage the latest imaging, instrumentation and analytical tools and data architectures — driven by the Zuckerman Institute’s dedicated team members and innovation hubs.“Creating a map of how the brain tells the body to move would be nothing short of revolutionary,” said Dr.“Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute was founded on the notion that true partnership among researchers — the dynamic back-and-forth, the sharing of technology and data, the developing, testing and revising of theories in real time — is at the heart of what drives science forward,” said Dr.

Jessell, who is also Claire Tow Professor of Motor Neuron Disorders at CUMC and an Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Other team members: Luke Hammond, Richard Hormigo, Gabriela Martins, Ph D, and Arthur Uhimov.

“Decoding the neural basis of resting-state functional connectivity mapping” (1RF1MH114276-01)Total award: ,166,051 over four years.

Today, a team of Zuckerman Institute neuroscientists, data scientists and engineers together received a .3 million BRAIN Initiative award to answer one of biology’s most fundamental questions: How does the brain tell the body to move?

The five-year award, administered by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, will support an unprecedented cross-disciplinary collaboration that brings together 10 labs and dozens of scientists.

“We hope that our work and our progress will serve to inspire others to do the same.” The Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies, or BRAIN Initiative, was established in 2014 by President Barack Obama to accelerate and revolutionize the understanding of the human brain.