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on 11 June the Endeavour struck fast on a coral reef at high tide.Ballast, guns and decayed stores were jettisoned; then, two tides later she was hauled off with windlass and anchors, and after three days beached in the Endeavour River.

Its chief importance for Australian discovery was in February and March 1773 when the Adventure, parted from the Resolution by fog and gales, made for the south coast of Van Diemen's Land.Here Furneaux renamed Adventure Bay on Bruny Island, sailed round Tasman Peninsula and up the east coast to Flinders Island, but through bad weather failed to reach Point Hicks before proceeding to rendezvous with the Resolution in New Zealand.After eighteen months, with the consent of all concerned, he gave this up for a more enticing apprenticeship of three years under John Walker, a Quaker coal-shipper of Whitby. After two years on the Channel service, he was promoted master of the Pembroke, and in 1758 crossed the Atlantic in her and took part in the siege of Louisburg and the survey of the St Lawrence River that led to the capture of Quebec.Here he made some headway with mathematics and navigation and served two years before the mast in the Baltic trade. Transferred to the Northumberland, he began surveying the coasts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, in the winter months at Halifax reading solidly in his chosen subjects.The acquaintance he made here with the future Admiral Sir Hugh Palliser, then governor of Newfoundland and Labrador, the publication of his Newfoundland charts and his observation of a solar eclipse brought him to the attention of the Royal Society and the Admiralty.

Although the society recommended Alexander Dalrymple as leader of the expedition to the South Seas to observe the transit of Venus, the Admiralty chose Cook, promoted him from master to lieutenant and gave him command of the Endeavour Bark, 368 tons.He was promoted commander and given charge of an expedition, himself in the Resolution and Tobias Furneaux captain of the Adventure.On this second voyage in 1772-75, Cook circumnavigated the world in high southern latitudes.You realise, when you're nearing (or long-passed) the fourth decade of your life, you should probably be able to feed and nourish yourself, and maybe a handful of friends of family once in a while.To avoid future embarrassment, we asked a handful of top chefs what dishes they think people should master by the time they are 30 - or should try to catch up on if they’ve passed that milestone.One minute you’re 18-years-old and it's acceptable to barely be able to whip up egg on toast and beans.