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He said his company was totally committed to finding out the cause of today's crash.

And in a statement tonight, the Belfast Harbour authorities confirmed that Belfast's Deputy Harbour Master Captain Michael Evans was among those killed in today's crash.Captain Evans joined Belfast Harbour in 2002 and was a well-known figure in Northern Ireland's commercial sector.The 18-seater light turboprop aircraft overturned and caught fire while making a third attempt to land in heavy fog.A witness at Cork Airport told RTÉ News that weather conditions were so poor that the crash could not be seen from the terminal building.It is being run by the PNSI and the Belfast Trust Emergency Response Team.

1601 The air accident investigation team from Manx Air has just arrived at Cork Airport.One of the six people killed was Brendan Mc Aleese, a businessman from Co Tyrone and first cousin of Dr Martin Mc Aleese - the husband of the President.He was the general manager of a company based in Cookstown.The flight was scheduled to depart Belfast at 7.50am and eventually left at 8.12am. The plane first attempted to land from a southerly direction on Cork's main runway, known as Runway 17. It then tried to land on the opposite, northerly, approach to the main runway - known as Runway 35.The Aviation Authority says it is believed wind was not a problem, but the pilot was still unhappy with visibility.2200 Noel Hayes has said that today was the worst day of his aviation career and the worst day of his life.