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One of the six people killed was Brendan Mc Aleese, a businessman from Co Tyrone and first cousin of Dr Martin Mc Aleese - the husband of the President.

He was the general manager of a company based in Cookstown.

He said the company had ten years of experience with over 10,000 flights a year and he said it was a real tragedy for the company.

The 18-seater light turboprop aircraft overturned and caught fire while making a third attempt to land in heavy fog.A witness at Cork Airport told RTÉ News that weather conditions were so poor that the crash could not be seen from the terminal building.They both died in the crash and had been working for the company for a number of months.He said the aircraft itself had no recent technical issues and had only come back from an in depth maintenance examination last week.‘My thoughts are also with those who have been injured and assure them of our prayers for their recovery.’ 1532 Taoiseach Brian Cowen has arrived in Cork city.

1514 News conference this afternoon at Cork Airport...

The plane went into a holding position for 20 minutes, before making a third attempt to land on the southerly approach to the main runway.

At 9.42am, the plane was ten miles out from the airport.

'All we know now is that there were blue skies but heavy fog in different parts of Ireland throughout the morning.' -Brian Ambrose, Chief Executive, Belfast City Airport.

1609 'A family and friends reception centre' is in operation at Belfast City Airport.

It is being run by the PNSI and the Belfast Trust Emergency Response Team.