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You can also take a list of calendar events from a spreadsheet and import them into your Outlook calendar.

Whether you’re looking for a way to plan your New Year’s resolutions or just a revamp to your everyday schedule, Microsoft Excel can help. If you don’t have Excel on your computer now, someone you know probably does.

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It’s the same hue as the colored block underneath the letter.There’s also an upside-down triangle on the right of it.Click here to download the Excel Calendar Template Similar to the monthly calendar, here is a yearly calendar.It's a dynamic template so you can enter the year number in cell B1 and it will automatically update the calendar for the specified year.In this post, I am sharing some useful Excel calendar templates that you can use in Excel or even take a print and stick where you work.

While it's easy to create a static calendar in Excel, I have used the power of Excel formulas to create dynamic calendar template that will update based on the selections you make.There is also some additional space below the calendar where you can write important notes.Click here to download the Excel Calendar Template Print out of the calendar would look as shown below: Note that you can specify the holidays in the Holidays tab in the template.It includes Excel, plus other programs you’ve probably heard of, like Power Point and Word.Buy: Microsoft 365 Personal | PC or Mac (.99/month or .99/year) Through a quick Google search, you can see there are many calendar templates for Excel already.Use the typical Font toolbar at the top of the document to change the text.