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Cuckold and its abbreviated form cuck aren’t being held true to the original definition and context perpetuated across many centuries.

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Small Penis – the small penis cuckold realizes he can’t please his partner with penetrative sex and moreover realizes the Cuckoldress needs a well hung stud to take care of the fucking. Performance – a performance cuckold has sexual performance issues, typically performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.This type of cucky does not necessarily sport a small penis. Sissy – the sissy cuckold enjoys, at the very least, wearing panties as a symbol of emasculation.Cuckoo birds have an interesting mating phenomenon which orders the Alpha and beta of the species, both male and female.Alpha cuckoo birds mate with superior Alpha females.He does not want to see the sex scene as it may be too intense and humiliating for him to experience 3.

Humiliation – a humiliation cuckold wishes to experience deep humiliation and sexual rejection.

The act of cuckolding may be strong humiliation unto itself -or- verbal humiliation may also be desirable.

Humiliation elicits deep brain chemical responses that result in sexual arousal and orgasm enhancement 4.

This may lead to a greater knowledge, pursuit and acceptance of the lifestyle. FYI: And speaking of cuck, the Cuckoldress hasn’t even delved into the political term cuckservative yet!

In the ebook Sheer Control by Zara Lynne, a novel about a shared wife, a submissive bride begins to explore her sexuality and take lovers outside her marriage. The husband notices that French men are attracted to her.

Alpha female cuckoo birds reject beta male sexual advances.