Customs of vietnamese dating

While this is fine, those are not what I would call typical Vietnamese girls.She likely is somewhat Westernized and her parents are probably less traditional. This article had a different title when I started working on it.

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She’s afraid he will spend it all on gambling, drinking or other girls. Today, it’s still the wife that does the majority of the work. But after she has children, generally the wife’s parents will give a lot of support, especially with babysitting.

My cousins and I used to stay with my grandmother when my parents were working.

Phuong: There is a joke in Vietnam where a couple goes to a restaurant, and if the girl pays the bill, they are married. It may be a joke, but it’s not that far from the truth! I guess that’s the case for 70% – 80% of married couples. Andy: How involved is the wife’s mother in her daughter’s family, such as taking care of the kids, etc…?

I think the usual reason is the wife does not trust the husband with money! But it caused so many problems between my parents, so I don’t really support this. Phuong: It used to be the wife who did all the household work. Phuong: Today, I don’t think the wife’s parents will interfere much in their daughter’s family affairs.

But after toying with some ideas, I realized this had been done so many times.

But what we rarely hear are stories from local girls.

Andy: Is cheating outside the marriage a big issue in Vietnam?

Phuong: I think cheating is a big issue everywhere.

It’s generally understood that a divorce would damage the whole family’s image.

Furthermore, Vietnamese people truly respect the value of love. Finally, people don’t want their children to experience a divorce.

Our government can give financial support to poor people if they neither have a job, nor enough income to survive.