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If the scripts were half the equal of the animation, it would be one of the best shows ever put to video. The story is very hard to understand, but that's what's to be expected when you deal with so many bizarre characters.

They include the son of a famous super-villain, a reporter, a black panther, a homeless child, and the hero, Cybersix, who apparently owes her superpowers to the fact that she's a robot.

Discover Your Perfect Leatherman » For 35 years, Leatherman has enabled doers to solve problems and save the day.Now we’re launching our first-ever grant program, to help unleash world-bettering potential with not-for-profit organizations around the world.Sometimes during a taping there was a webchat during the taping and after the show.The set of the show consisted of a living room, a kitchen, and a garden scene.Discover The Leatherman Story » For real life The three things you need to conquer your everyday: your know-how, your own two hands, and your Leatherman. Together, you’re prepared for anything life throws your way.

How can I use a Leatherman, and which one is right for me?The set rotated to present a different interview setting. Some skits also included her producer Mary Pelloni.The show also featured skits with audience member participation. Throughout the show's entire two-year run, Dailey Pike was Roseanne's warmup guy and sidekick regular on the show.The show cleared and aired in 85% of markets and ran from September 14, 1998, to June 23, 2000. Cybersix is the name of a powerful advanced female genetic construct android who is the creation of malevolent scientist named Von Richter.When she finally does, they watch Over on the other side of the exceptionally functional set (good work set designer: Arnulfo Maldonado), a worn out office worker anxiously and depressively works away on her computer late into the night.