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He told me I'd become a fan of four middle-aged dads, which was true. I remember stacking crisps with such enthusiasm on my Saturday shift at a supermarket, knowing the box was waiting for me at home.

My obsession with Blur was still going strong by the time I finished secondary school, and a few months later it would help me form one of my best friendships at university.

You saw a very happy, relaxed man freely drawing from a dizzyingly diverse back-catalogue, stretching back over twenty years.

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Albarn encouraged the crowd to sing along but he reacted with disappointment when the suited, seated celebrities and swathes of teenage spectators barely responded.

My sisters were horrified, but the energy of Blur's performance and the charisma of Damon Albarn had me hooked. The next day at school, I learned that one of my best friends (with whom I shared a great love of Bowie) had hated the performance.

Damon Albarn's goofiness and inarticulacy in interviews was a long-running source of humour for the both of us throughout our time at university. I had never realised how anonymous Albarn was amongst my peers in comparison to his nineties rivals.

Of course, I welcomed a nineties-themed fancy dress party a few months later. His image is certainly more difficult to capture than Liam Gallagher's sideburns and anorak or Jarvis Cocker's glasses and suit.

It was the 2012 BRIT Awards that sparked my Blur obsession into life.

I was watching it with a sort of 'love to hate' attitude.At a freshers party, I began chatting casually to a guy about Blur.Talking about one of your mega-interests with someone new is always tricky, because you never want to make things too intense.It's hard to imagine that an album with 'Beetlebum' and 'Song 2', when presented to EMI, was at first greeted with the question "Where are the singles? 'Song 2' in particular became the hammer with which Blur cracked America, being adopted by numerous hockey and football teams.Fans also enjoyed 'Song 2's two-ness: two minutes and two seconds long, two choruses and two verses, the album's second track and the album's second single.It is indeed hard to think that this Renaissance man was once just 'Damon from Blur', the cheeky chappy who supported Chelsea FC.