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The official presentation ceremony is held at Princeton on March 30th.publication date of the first titles in the Emblem Editions series, an expansion of the Scribner Library paperbacks, specializing in practical and entertaining books on popular subjects, such as gardening and cooking Charles Scribner's Sons and Atheneum Publishers announce plans to merge early in the fall, each firm operating as a separate division in the new company, The Scribner Book Companies, while preserving its independent imprint.CS IV will be chairman, Alfred Knopf, Jr., vice-chairman, and Franklyn L. Scribners offers two new literary prizes--the Maxwell Perkins Prize of ,000 for a first novel about the American experience and the Scribner Crime Novel Award of ,500 for a first mystery--with a deadline of September 30th.

There is a long tradition in art, going back at least to the time of Petrarch, of a poet being crowned with a wreath of laurel, and such scholars as St. Thomas Aquinas are traditionally depicted beside such a burning lamp" (Charles Scribner III, unpublished memo dated 2 June 1994). This month's issue of Scribner's Magazine, containing the first of Theodore Roosevelt's African hunting articles, reaches a circulation of 215,000 copies, the largest reached to date by a high-priced magazine.publication date of London: Critical Notes on the National Gallery and the Wallace Collection by John C.This printer's seal appeared on the copyright page of books printed by the Scribner Press CS II, Arthur H. Van Dyke, the first volume (of 12) in his New Guides to Old Masters series, which he completed in 1927publication date of The Book of the Homeless, edited by Edith Wharton.800 pp., with maps) by Congregational clergyman Harvey Newcombpublication of The Three Gardens: Eden, Gethsemane, and Paradise; or, Man's Ruin, Redemption, and Restoration by Presbyterian clergyman William Adams, a founder of Union Theological Seminary and, later, its president CS I takes Charles Welford, son of a London bookseller, as a partner (their respective shares are 2/3 and 1/3) to establish a separate company, Scribner & Welford, for the importing of foreign books. Book First, Being an Elementary Manual Designed for Public Schools, and Containing Mental, Slate, and Blackboard Exercises, the beginning of his popular textbookscopyright date of E. Sheldon's A Manual of Elementary Instruction for the Use of Public and Private Schools and Normal Classes, Containing a Graduated Course of Object Lessons for Training the Senses and Developing the Faculties of Children, the beginning of his popular textbookspublication of Political Fallacies: An Examination of the False Assumptions, and Refutation of the Sophistical Reasonings, Which Have Brought on This Civil War by George Junkin, first president of Lafayette Collegecopyright date of Volume I (The Gospel According to Matthew) of the colossal translating and publishing project, edited by Philip Schaff, of Johann Peter Lange's A Commentary of the Holy Scriptures: Critical, Doctrinal, and Homiletical--ultimately to reach 25 volumes by 1880 publication date of Arnold Guyot's first Scribner book, Primary; or, Introduction to the Study of Geography (his maps had already been published by Scribners for several years), the beginning of his popular textbookscopyright date of Public Debt of the United States: Its Organization, Its Liquidation, Administration of the Treasury, The Financial System by American abolitionist and banker James Sloan Gibbons, author of the famous Civil War song "We Are Coming, Father Abraham"publication date of Le Roy C. Peabody sublet the third story of 654 Broadway for use as a "Velocipede Hall"--for the exhibition, exercise, and sale of velocipedes--for a term of one year.Located in the Scribner bookstore in New York City, the company also established a presence in London, England, when Welford moved there in 1864.publication of S. Cooley's first Scribner book, A Text Book of Natural Philosophy: An Accurate, Modern, and Systematic Explanation of the Elementary Principles of the Science, the beginning of his popular textbookspublication date of the first volumes in the "Illustrated Library of Wonders" series: F. These early bicycles were probably models with iron-tired wooden rims and front wheels larger than the rear. Armstrong, and John Blair Scribner form partnership to be known as "Scribner, Welford & Armstrong" to continue the importation of books for a period of six years from 1 February 1872 (their respective shares are 1/3, 1/3, and 1/3). Armstrong and John Blair Scribner sign agreement with Edward Seymour, paying him a salary equal to one-eighth of their share of the profits in Scribner, Welford & Armstrong for services he renders to the company.copyright date of Henry M.From 1894 to 1904, he works as an editor in the trade department; from 1904 to 1910, he serves as secretary and a director of Charles Scribner's Sons, Inc.

As a member of the Joint Committee of the American Copyright League and the American Publishers' Copyright League, CS II has significant role in getting the International Copyright Bill passed this day in Washington, D."The Scribner logo, with its three key elements of burning antique (Greco-Roman) lamp, books, and laurel wreath, dates back to the Beaux-Arts architect Standford White's original design for the cover of Scribner's Magazine (January 1887). Hornaday, the American naturalist, conservationist, and first director of the New York Zoological Park Scribners brings a lawsuit against R. Macy & Company, the New York City department store, charging infringement of copyright by cutting prices on its copyrighted books--one of similar cases, all involving the American Publishers' Association's attempt to end discounting of members' books.The symbol of the book hardly needs to be explained; the laurel crown is a symbol of the highest achievement in poetry or literature, or the arts in general, and it is associated with the classical god of Apollo; the lamp is not Aladdin's lamp but rather the lamp of wisdom and knowledge. The Supreme Court, in the Scribner/Macy suit, rules against the right of the publisher "to restrain the selling at retail of books copyrighted under the laws of the United States, at prices less than those fixed by complainants, and the buying of such copyrighted books except under the rules and regulations of the American Publishers' Association." Other legal aspects of the "Macy cases" are argued till the Court's ruling of 1 December 1913: copyright is not exempt from the provision of the Sherman Anti-Trust Law against monopoly.Armstrong, John Blair Scribner, and Edward Seymour sign lease for first floor and basement of 743 & 745 Broadway (they take possession on 10 Jan. (As a result, Scribner's Monthly becomes The Century Magazine and "Scribner & Co." becomes "Century Company".)publication of Criteria of Diverse Kinds of Truth as Opposed to Agnosticism, Being a Treatise on Applied Logic by James Mc Cosh, president of Princeton, the first number (of 8) in his "Philosophic Series"CS II signs lease for the whole building at 743 & 745 Broadway for the period from through , allowing him to sublet any unused space.1875 though lease begins on May 1 and runs through ), which will be their location for 19 years (through ). becomes "Charles Scribner's Sons"; Scribner, Welford & Armstrong becomes "Scribner & Welford". Over the years space is rented to a millinery and straw-goods business, to the Delta Chapter of New York University as a meeting place, to The Magazine of American History, to the publishers Ginn and Company, and to the publishers the Critic Company.Marion's The Wonders of Optics, translated from the French and edited by Charles W. de Fonvielle's Thunder and Lightning, translated from the French and edited by T. Stanley's first Scribner book, How I Found Livingstone: Travels, Adventures, and Discoveries in Central Africa, Including Four Months' Residence with Dr.