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But he was there on the sideline for Super Bowl XLII when the Giants beat the 18-0 Patriots in the David Tyree game.

He put a radar gun on them, and most threw 52 to 54 mph -- decent NFL speed. He and Tamara -- they'd been dating since high school -- had a daughter named Taylar the summer after Lorenzen's junior year at UK.

Lorenzen stopped by between classes in an Oxford button-down and penny loafers. Dale Mueller remembers laughing at an interview Lorenzen gave back then: I have to feed her at 9 and 11 and 1 and 3 and 5.

It was the first of hundreds of times somebody made him weigh in. Lorenzen remembers Unitas looking him over and saying: You're awfully big to be a quarterback. After the season, the coaches sent a student trainer to live with Lorenzen and get him to stick to a diet.

He was walking at 7 months, and before long he was begging anybody in the house to throw a ball with him. In 1998, Lorenzen won the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award as the best high school senior quarterback in Kentucky. I don't think you're going to amount to much of anything being that big. But now, recounting the story, he stops and smolders."That statement has stayed with me so long," he says. At the beginning of spring practice, Mumme checked in.

Tom Coughlin, the Giants' coach, had weight limits for every player.

The fine was 0 a day for every pound they went over. Weigh-ins were on Friday, so Lorenzen wouldn't eat on Thursday.He and I agree that we can't be grown men until we are not such overgrown men. I can walk, but it's like whoop, it inflates right away. Yeah, it inflates because I probably have more weight on it than I should, and I need to lose the weight.Well, in order to lose the weight, I have to be able to work out.Which is, you know, what you're constantly fighting."When you're fat, every day is a prompt to start your life over.Lorenzen has a new office, a new apartment, a new life after football.His youth football leagues in Kentucky covered two-year spans -- one for ages 5 and 6, another for 7 and 8, and so on. He says he also wolfed Ripped Fuel, a weight-loss pill that contained ephedra (now banned by the FDA). In 2002, after his second season, Morriss left for Baylor, and Rich Brooks came in, Lorenzen's third head coach in four years.