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However, we like to keep physical affection in private. I would slip my hand in the butt pocket of my wife’s jeans when I dated her. Singapore Airlines' hospitality and cabin service have been widely recognised with awards from magazines, travel and tourism industries, including the 'World's Best Cabin Crew Service' by the Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Awards for 23 consecutive years.We even agree to wear “couple outfits” to prove our loyalty and show the public we are taken…Korean Boys like to be Babied It’s not as bad as it sounds. *Pushes Korean Boy out of the way and starts washing dishes.*Korean Boy: Umm… Korean Boy: Well I just got home an hour ago an…*Pushes Korean Boy out of the way and picks up laundry.*Sooni/Lisa: I swear! Let me know when you’re done and I’ll take you out for drinks. Let me call up my girlfriends and let them know we’re hanging out tonight! Drum roll please and more reenactment…Sooni/Lisa: Sweetie, we’re going to hang with my friends tonight and I want you to wear something nice.

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In March 2004, the Singapore Girl won the Outstanding Contribution to Tourism Award for the 18th Singapore Tourism Board (STB)'s Tourism Award.

Recently the Singapore Girl has been seen in television commercials promoting Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Business Class and the Airbus A380 whose maiden commercial voyage to Sydney was made on 25 October 2007.

Since its inception, the long-running campaign emphasises these service aspects, featuring bona fide SIA flight attendants.

The iconic images and branding of the Singapore Girl was first established in 1972 when Singapore Airlines took over as successor of its predecessor Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA), the joint Malaysia and Singapore airline set up to develop and expand an intercontinental network.

This sculpture was sent to the Delta Air Lines shuttle concourse at La Guardia Airport in New York City in 1995.

A second wax figure was unveiled in Singapore in March, 2015.In April 2001, the shoes were replaced by Pierre Balmain-designed safety shoes, in light of safety reviews after the Singapore Airlines Flight 006 crash where flight attendants complained of missing sandals.The Singapore Girl marketing concept has been criticized as being sexist – apart from the inaccuracy of the term Girl, the concept has been accused of being a stereotype of Asian women as being subservient.Here’s a good conversational reenactment:*Door bell rings.*Korean Boy: Oh! Stupid or not, we value our relationship and seek to make it stronger. *Puts a fried egg on top/or adds pepper.*Korean Boy: This is like the third day so far that I’ve eaten the same thing. Isn’t it time we just dressed comfortably for once? Can’t I wear the nice khakis/cargo pants I normally wear to school/work?? Don’t you understand that I want you to be the best-looking, handsomest man tonight??Hi Sooni/Lisa, you’re back again…Sooni/Lisa: Hey sweetie, I know you had such a hard day at school/work. Here’s a further reenactment…Sooni/Lisa: Oh sweetie, you’ve been studying/working hard all day! Korean Boy: Uh, is it going to be fried rice or ramen noodles again? Korean Boy: I really don’t think that’s important tonight.However, the tenets are true and if there’s one thing you should know, when it comes to public displays of affection, we tend to be fairly shy.