Dating a man twice my age discussion Seks alman video

I can say by experience,that I´m dating a wonderful and caring man, who happens to be twice my age.He is 46 years old, I´m 23 years old, and we have been together for 6 months.

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We forget sometimes that they have feelings and emotions as well we do, and they have needs like us, except they make different choice, than you or me would do!

What I mean is LOVE works in a mysteriously way, which we would never figure out!

And I´m happy that we are in a relationship with each other, because for us this makes sense, and we share this special love, which I can´t describe.

I hope that people will understand, what we share or anyone else is sharing, is special love, which you will never understand, and instead of judgeing, let´s understand then judge!

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