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You cannot waste your life with a man who doesn't meet your needs because it will only lead to more heartache in the future. If he tells you he needs more time, ask him what time-frame he has in mind, and then decide whether you are willing to wait.

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Know that your lover only gets away with being noncommittal because you let him.

You may have been too scared to have the "Where do we stand? Perhaps, you're hoping that he just needs more time to make a commitment to you, so you let a lot of unreasonable behavior go unnoticed.

Don't assume there's any great mystery behind a man's reluctance to commit.

In most cases, it comes down to one simple reason, says matchmaker Kiki Strickland in the article "Five Reasons Why He Won't Commit," for "Your Tango." Perhaps he doesn't want to be in a serious relationship or he doesn't want to be in a serious relationship with you.

There are men who sit on fences, forcing their relationships into limbo.

Meanwhile, they waste their precious life “waiting.” These months and years are never recovered, as time stands still for no one.They may allude to a future, they may even mention a trip in the future, but you don’t directly hear from their lips specifically how they see you in their future.These men are long on avoidance and short on specifics.As difficult as it may be, you need to tell him that you will end the relationship if he cannot commit.The thought of leaving him may be tough, but you must consider the alternative.The clearest sign that a man is noncommittal is that you never know where you stand with him.