Dating after divorce for women over 50

Sure, you can have people advise you – divorce professionals working with you is never a bad thing. The only way to ease that fear and uncertainty is to educate yourself about the process.But remember, at the end of the day, it is you who has to live with the divorce decisions – shouldn’t you be the one making them? Quality divorce resources online are plentiful, many divorce lawyers and coaches offer free consultations and there are support groups and community classes that will help you understand your rights and offer assistance so you do not get run over in the process.

But, remember that, ultimately, this is your life and your future.

It is your right and your responsibility to take ownership of your divorce decisions. At this point in your life, you may have thought that the hard work was behind you and that you had a good handle on things, but then this curve-ball is thrown at you and you’re not sure how to plan for it.

And how much worse will you feel when that “new, promising” relationship doesn’t work out? It’s understandable to feel lonely after sharing much of your life with your spouse.

Separation is a lonely place to be, but you know what’s even worse?

That’s not to minimize your decades-long marriage, but it’s absolutely critical to keep emotions at bay when dealing with the business side of things.

Your head understands, but the part of you that is angry may spend months fighting over things that have nothing to do with business.You deserve better than that – you have worked for years and deserve the chance to enjoy yourself now.Why be bitter during this next chapter of your life?Nobody wins in a divorce and you must make your decisions from a clear-headed and rational place.Otherwise, you will find yourself robbed of time, money, and emotional energy – assets that are put to better use in your post-divorce life.This method can also help plan for contingencies and worst-case scenarios.