Dating an aloof guy

Do you need help setting up automatic bill pay or your 401(k)? Any decently nice guy accumulates ex-girlfriend friends. With that being said, I prefer a guy who is straight forward.

call when you say you will call, initiate hanging out, be understanding when life happens).

TDAWell I'd like to start by saying that acting any other way other than yourself wouldn't be the way to go.

One of the worst things I think is for a guy to act a certain way the first few dates and then all of a sudden start acting like someone else or himself.

I personally want to see who you truely are the first go around.

Many people will say 'yes, I'd rather have straightforward', because that's the most logical thing to do.

But emotions and attraction rarely have anything to do with logic.

I think, showing a woman that you are interested is the best way to go. Because im straightfoward, it would be hard for me to be aloof for any length of time. You can look up the definition of almost everything Here are a few definitions of aloof: Distant physically or emotionally; reserved and remote: stood apart with aloof dignity.

It won't always give you a "yes" since not all woman will be interested in you (just as you probably aren't interested in every woman), but at least it will put the ball in her me clarify something...being aloof or straightforward is apart of your existing a trait. Provided of course if i knew correctly what "aloof" means. At a distance but within view; apart You can act aloof anytime you want to, and some people may consider you to be rude while doing so.

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I think that some girls go for the "cocky" guy which in my mind is sort of aloof. I think the majority of us wouldn't think of going after a guy who couldn't care less about us.