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The cost of Internet access remains high relative to the national average salary (54,500 tenge in 2008, or US3).

Kazakh Telecom’s fee for unlimited ADSL access with capacity of 128 kbit/s were US.

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Arna claimed that Kazakh Telecom used uncertified systems that monitored and interfered with the telecommunications of customers who are using services offered by competing companies.

An investigation of the Kazakh government revealed that such systems indeed existed and were used by Kazakh Telecom, but no evidence was found to prove Kazakh Telecom was intentionally interfering with competitor activities.

The Internet in Kazakhstan (cc TLD: .kz) is growing rapidly.

Between 20, the number of Internet users increased from 200,000 to 1 million.

The Kazakh government has exhibited an ambiguous and at times contradictory approach to the Internet.

The long-term development strategy of Kazakhstan for 2030 demonstrates the government’s strong commitment to create a modern national information infrastructure.

In 2015, broadband internet speed in Kazakhstan was estimated at 18.41 Mbit/s on average.

Liberalization of the telecommunications market in 2004 increased competition among the five licensed operators: Kazakh Telecom (the former state monopoly, now with 51 percent state participation), Transtelekom, Kaztranscom, Arna (DUCAT), and Astel.

However, as a result of the ongoing liberalization in the telecommunications sector in 2007, operators’ fees fell considerably.

Since 2007, schools in Kazakhstan are provided with free dial-up access, which is being expanded to include broadband connections (although access is restricted to Web sites and other Internet resources within the “.kz” domain).

Kazakh Telecom is the operator of the national data transfer network, which connects the major cities of Kazakhstan.