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Jeff Cohen recalled that Matuszak was in quite a bit of pain following the scene where he picked Chunk up while the kid was tied to a chair.

In addition, the line that Chunk delivers in that scene is often misheard.

While fans were elated with Judy’s appearance, they are still confused about Simon Cowell’s supposed “big secret.”During Monday’s semi-final Simon announced that the winner of the show would receive a “big big surprise,” and that the ITV producers didn’t even know about it.

However nothing was announced last night following Lost Voice Guy’s triumphant win.

”As the crowd erupted in laughter Judy stood up to say her piece.

She responded: “He does my head in, him.”Mickey burst into laughter as Dec thanked Judy for attending.

That rare and lovely talent was put to good use, and ended up as a character eccentricity.

10.) From Start to Finish The film was shot almost entirely in sequence from beginning to end.Outside of being the butt of every joke in the script, Cohen made the point that kids in his position are often expected to eat throughout films, which was awful in practice.Citing the scene where Chunk sprays whipped cream into his mouth directly from the can as an example: “Say you do fifty takes, that’s fifty hits of the whipped cream.” Furthering the irony, it turns out that when Cohen hit high school, he started doing sports and slimmed down considerably. Kerr give an incredible performance in the semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent 2018.The performance was so well liked that he was taken through to last night’s final where he ultimately placed tenth.While it was being constructed, the kids were not allowed to see it; the ship was hidden on another set behind tarps.