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Most people believe that since they can easily fill out a profile and upload a few photos, they are winning the game. Then, it’s back to the same failed sorting game based on limited information.

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Some guys have told stories of being on OK Cupid for two years and never getting a message back. And this brings us to the real problem: Online dating isn’t easy, and it isn’t fun. In fact, I believe offline dating is probably easier in the end.Data reveals this is true: average guys who use online dating only get a few matches, and very little engagement. It may require more risk upfront (like having the guts to approach a girl, being able to hold a conversation, etc.), but the potential reward odds are so much higher.Some say I’m nuts, others say I’ve changed their life forever. I’d prefer brutally honest breakthrough to a “nice” rut any damn day of the week.One thing’s for certain: I’ll always give you the truth, whether you can handle it or not. If you’re the same way, then you've come to the right place.Some of it is almost laughable because she just doesn't exist.

Guys, as much as we'd like to embody both Gillian Flynn's "cool" girl our real selves, it doesn't always work that way.I was much less enthusiastic that things would be different on those apps.Online dating has led to most people feeling like Mark: dejected and confused.I’m going to tell you right now: the only way you’re going to succeed in dating… I know as human beings, we’re full of expectations. Because the key to really healthy dating is to have expectations at all.We meet somebody cool and new and immediately we cast into the future. We think about the main reason the person can be the person for us. Every date that we go on, we hope it’s the last first date we have to go on. You see, when we have expectations, those expectations are never really truly met.I had him open the app, and his body language went from bubbly and hopeful to dejected, as he was reminded that he hadn’t had a match in weeks. If a girl even responded to his initial message, which they usually didn’t, it went stale within a few lines.