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► The oldest permafrost in Norway survived the Holocene Thermal Maximum.► Permafrost underlay the largest area, was coldest and probably reached the greatest depths during the ‘Little Ice Age’.The result of this study indicates an altitudinal zonation of relative permafrost age in Norway.

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► The thermal state of the ground affects landscape development and is an important control for geomorphological processes.

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In all boreholes the coldest simulated permafrost occurred during the ‘Little Ice Age’ (LIA), and also the largest areal distribution of Holocene permafrost in Norway seems to be connected to the LIA.► In this paper temperature and spatial distribution of Holocene permafrost in Norway were modeled.

► This was addressed using a 1D heat flow model and an equilibrium permafrost model revealing an altitudinal age pattern. Found 15 sentences matching phrase "History of Finland". Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. For Scandinavia in general and Norway in particular the regional distribution of mountain permafrost is reasonably well known, both through ground temperature measurements in boreholes, geophysical soundings and spatial modeling.There is a separate sitting room with fireplace, recreation room. On the ground floor, there are six bedrooms and three bathrooms all with shower, toilet, and sink.On the upper floor, there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms with shower, toilet, and sink.The property is centrally heated and there is a washing machine.