Dating flight crew red flags dating widower

Hey I married one, she's been flying for 21 years married 18.I'ts awesome you get days where the TV is yours.SO send her lots of texts, and be at every work do you can so the first officers know you're around.

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You have the chance to learn so much about others and yourself during those meetings with all those folks. Because lets say for example you are into Spanish guys and you would love to meet some Spanish guys on board and in Spain.Then you have the option to bid/request for flights to Spain a lot./r/Relationships is a subreddit for asking specific questions about your relationship.Post anything that is relevant to your current relationship that you want to discuss. We are bound to meet someone during our flights and develop some kind of bond with them.

The whole dating scene for Cabin Crew are endless though.You get the chance to meet tons of Spanish passengers on board and in Spain during your layover.If you get bored with the Spanish passengers then you can bid/request for next the country etc.She's in town for a day, then gone 5, back for 2, away for 6, etc and I find it pretty difficult to do the regular dating thing that I would be doing with someone working locally at a 9-5.Are there any flight attendants out there or people who have dated others in similar industries that can share what worked well with their relationships?There is no massive advice just the following: When she's sleeping NEVER wake her she will be tired unless she needs to get up for her flight, dinner provide food cabin crew almost never eat.