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The majority of claims will not meet the qualifications for disability at this level of the system; therefore, claimants who wish to receive benefits will typically need to file one or more appeals.A prospective claimant who decides to file for disability can expect to receive a decision on their disability claim within 120 days.In most cases, the decision may made in half the time, assuming that the claimant's medical records are not considered aged (to be considered recent, at least some of the medical evidence in the file should not be any older than 60 days).

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Note: in a minority of cases, the decision on an SSD or SSI disability claim will be made based on only the medical records without any consideration of the claimant's work history.This occurs when the person filing for disability has a medical condition, a physical condition or a mental condition, that satisifes the approval criteria of a listing.To make this decision, the examiner must compare the RFC rating to the types of work the person did in the past.It may be that their current limitations are great enough that they cannot return to their past work. However, to be awarded disability, it must also be shown that they cannot do other work as well.These situations do occasionally occur and when they do it is usually the result of the disability examiner's inability to obtain the medical records that are needed to reach a decision on the Social Security Disability or SSI case.

Qualifying for disability benefits in Idaho is the same as in all states since the Social Security system that oversees the title II (Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI) and title 16 (supplemental security income, or SSI) programs is federal.

Generally, when a disability case is denied, it is because the decision has been made that the claimant can do some type of other work. However, for those who appeal, at least as far as to the level of a hearing before an administrative law judge, the chances of winning benefits are typically in the claimant's favor.

Level II: Request for Reconsideration - Reconsideration is the first step in the Social Security Administration's appeal system.

Reconsideration appeals in Idaho have a high rate of denial.

In Idaho, this is generally in excess of 80 percent.

This information is used to ascertain what the individual's functional capabilities and limitations are, as well as the requirements of their past work.