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By Salvador Martínez Cubells - [ Public Domain, Link A Muslim force comprised of Berbers and Arabs attacked Iberia from North Africa, taking advantage of a near instant collapse of the Visigothic kingdom (the reasons for which historians still debate, the “it collapsed because it was backward” argument having been now firmly rejected); within a few years the south and centre of Iberia was Muslim, the north remaining under Christian control.A flourishing culture emerged in the new region which was settled by many immigrants. One, a river port on the banks of the Douro, became known as Portucalae, or Portugal.

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The battle of Guadalete - as imagined some 1200 years later by the spanish painter Martinez Cubells (1845-1914).

Depicts the commencement of the Goths' retreat in the face of Tarik's Berber cavalry.

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When she married a Galician nobleman the Portucalense noblemen revolted, afraid of being subject to Galicia.

They rallied around Teresa’s son, Afonso Henrique, who won a “battle” (which might have just been a tournament) in 1128 and expelled his mother.

Afonso also finished the Portuguese part of the Reconquista, seizing the Algarve and largely setting the country’s borders.

King Denis of Portugal, in a 16th-century miniature.

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