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If you really like him and want to keep him, show copious amounts of respect for his family – he respects them much more than he lets on.

Says one girl: “If you get to meet his family (he will be eager for this to happen if he likes you), try to be as ‘Thai’ as you can without relinquishing your personality.

Many girls say that Thai men can be incredibly romantic and treat you like a queen at the start of the relationship.

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Plus, a foreign woman who can speak some Thai is a total turn-on for many Thai guys.

Incorporate the best parts of Thainess to your actions, without losing your personality.

Western girls are sometimes viewed as more promiscuous than Thai girls, so make him know that that’s not what you’re in it for (unless, of course, you are).

The dating dance Pay half the bill on your first date – this will make clear to him that you want to be treated like an equal.

Remain confident, and if he does something that in your culture would be unacceptable, make it known to him without getting angry – accept that there are cultural differences, but be sure to point them out rather than internalising them.

He may turn you down the first few times you invite him into your bedroom. Many girls have experienced the hot-and-cold nature of the Thai man they’re dating.

Be aware that infidelity is not necessarily frowned upon in Thailand.

Many Thai men (and women as well) have more than one girlfriend.

Dating in Thailand can pay enormous dividends if you are willing to put in the elbow grease and sweat that is required in order to make it work.

You need to have a heavy dose of patience and set aside a large amount of time in order to scan hundreds of profiles and send personalized messages to those people whose profiles appeal to you.

Try not to take too much offence, but let him know that you don’t like it when he says that.