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An attractive Western woman in late 30s is looking for a young and creative lover.

Must must love stockings and be willing to experiment.

Bosses, colleagues, parents and relatives are common recipients.

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Our Japanese Gift Wrapping guide goes into more detail on this subject.

Postings online suggest that re-gifting is an acceptable practice in Japanese culture.

Oseibo gifts are typically given to friends, colleagues, teachers, clients or customers, and to anyone he or she is indebted to.

These gifts are specifically given to pay back favors received during the year.

Single female 30's, looking for a serious relationship which may lead to marriage.

Gift giving in Japan is deeply rooted in tradition with gifts given not only for social occasions, but also for social obligations -- gifts given when indebted to others, both family and business.

The value of this gift usually equals half the value of the original gift.

Business gift giving in Japan is more extravagant and prestigious when humility is not the focus.

One theory says this is due to people there being less likely to return a gift that doesn't suit them.

Though while acceptable, when done, it appears that it's best to keep it a secret.

Ochugen originated as an offering to families who had a death in the first half of the year and still takes place two weeks before Obon, the Japanese holiday for honoring the dead.