Dating jensen speakers

From a player’s perspective, you’ll get more value for the buck with a CTS silverface amp than with a blackface.

Swapping speakers is the easiest and most effectful change you possibly can do to your amp.

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The 2×10″ speaker configuration with open back cabinet is convenient, efficient and powerful “enough” for us.

Sonically, it offers everything we look for in a Fender amp; A dynamic and sensitive touch, brightness, volume, ambience, spread and a decent weight.

We have had a silverface Vibrolux in our gear basement with a set of blue labeled “Fender” CTS speakers (serial number 137-XXYY).

This amp performed extremly well too, with lots of punch and sparkle.

A stock VR offers a wide range of tonal possibilities and can be both big and small with just a few minor tricks.

Out of the box the silverfaces and blackfaces will fit many occasions and are therefore not widely discussed in terms of serious mods like, for instance, the Princeton Reverb.Here is a video that gradually demonstrates the effects of some of the mods and tricks described here.To see embedded text comments, go to video on Youtube.The amp is not very heavy compared to the 2×12″ or 4×10″ amps.We are therefore not that afraid of installing heavy speakers in the VR if we want big magnets with lots of power.The Vibrolux is quite similar to the Pro Reverb 2×12″ except for the smaller speakers, output transformer and power transformer. 10″s provide a more scooped, responsive, punchy and sparkling sound than 12 inch speakers.