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While meeting one's online date, one should be aware of safety and self-protection, and avoid meeting in private places at first," she says.

She says online dating websites should provide more services such as training the young people how to get along with each other and one's families.

One needs be very careful, in case being deceived," Zhou says.

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More value-added services are needed, such as psychological counseling, and help for those who are in a relationship or marriage," Zhou says.

"We also organize activities for users to meet each other, such as offering cheap movie tickets, but some users don't like being arranged." As the trends indicate, only more and more people will be turning to the Internet as a way to interact, and dating websites will have to develop more mature services to satisfy the demand.

It turned out we share a lot in common, and we talked on the phone for seven or eight hours in the first fortnight," she says.

"I felt less pressure later because I didn't have to go to the blind dates arranged by my family.

Among the unmarried population in the post-1970s, post-1980s and post-1990s, there are 23.15 million more males than females.

The imbalance between men and women is obvious and the ratio among the post-1970s population is about 2 men for every woman.I'm a kind, outgoing, caring Chinese lady who lives in Shanghai city of China. I love mountain biking, good wine and food but also travel, interesting people and people who have their own I am easygoing man that travel on many part of the word and now after dubai arrived in Shanghai I am very casual but like armani always said less is more I want meet a chinise lady here in shanghai i am bery atract from I Love meeting people, reading, traveling too!I'm looking for a really good gentleman to build a longterm relationship and marriageļ¼ I'm a kind, outgoing, caring Chinese lady I'm a kind, wish fine relationship maybe after it married and happy life.. i like sexy lady who is sometimes hard and sometimes soft. Sharing ideas and also I care about nature, human being, love arts, environment, social culture... I am a person who looks beyond what may be the obvious.Liu Fengqin, chief psychologist of The Maple Women's Psychological Counseling Center in Beijing, says after getting to know each other online, the transition to real life communication is very important.Potential partners have to know what suits them best, and they have to adopt a mature attitude as well.In December 2012, Nasdaq-listed Ltd published The 2012-2013 Report about Marriage Values among Young Chinese together with the National Population and Family Planning Commission.