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Major krewes follow the same parade schedule and route each year.

While many tourists center their Carnival season activities on Bourbon Street and in New Orleans and Dauphin, major parades originate in the Uptown and Mid-City districts and follow a route along St.

They were sometimes prohibited by law, and were quickly renewed whenever such restrictions were lifted or enforcement waned.

The first record of Mardi Gras being celebrated in Louisiana was at the mouth of the Mississippi River in what is now lower Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, on March 2, 1699.Iberville, Bienville, and their men celebrated it as part of an observance of Catholic practice.All of the mischief of the city is alive and wide awake in active operation.Men and boys, women and girls, bond and free, white and black, yellow and brown, exert themselves to invent and appear in grotesque, quizzical, diabolic, horrible, strange masks, and disguises.Charles Avenue and Canal Street, on the upriver side of the French Quarter.

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