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If you get overwhelmed at any point, we have lots of tools to help ground you, get you out of your head, open you up to connecting with people, and get you back to pushing your comfort zone.

On Sunday, you’re back at it at 10 AM with reviewing the previous evening and another round of model work to go even deeper.

This will allow you to: You and a maximum of 11 other students will have coaches over your shoulder all weekend, guiding you, providing constant feedback, and customizing all exercises to where you are at and what will help you the most.

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The Experience workshop is an incredibly intensive, small-group, personal coaching program I’ve designed and improved for years.

In-fact, it never stops evolving and is never the same from one weekend to another because of how much my coaching partner, Dave, and I personalize and adjust it to each and every one of the 12 (maximum) students in the workshop.

-Then, the FEARLESS Models show up to connect deeply with you for two hours.

This isn’t about walking up to her and saying something clever to impress her.

On Friday…-We’ll get started at 6 PM with some lessons on confidence, masculinity, what really attracts women, and your mindsets about women and your personal development process.

-We’ll take you out on the streets for a series of exercises to gauge where you’re at and expand your social freedom, confidence, and connection skills with all people.I realized all of the repressed memories create emotions that don't define you.I learned to let go, and now I have the job of my dreams and a beautiful woman by my side.Afterwards, we’ll regroup back at FEARLESS HQ to take you through some more confidence and connection exercises with your fellow students, and wind down the day with a debriefing and plan to keep you moving forward.You’ll then be added into the FEARLESS Family secret Facebook group (no one can even find the group unless they’re invited) where you can connect with us and the rest of the Family on a daily basis, find accountability and activity partners (and maybe even business partners!And you’ll be able to start using them on your own after the weekend, both in quiet, meditative spaces, and in the moment as you go throughout your life in the real world…even while you’re talking to women and on dates! You’ll put what you learned about yourself and women into action with more customized exercises and coaching to keep you moving forward.