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As soon as we got in the room, Julie collapsed on the bed closest to the door. Her panties were soaked with sweat and hugged her cute little ass. I want back into the bathroom and found the baby oil I kept in my toiletries bag to masturbate with when I traveled on business. With her in so much pain, I felt like I had to do something. Her calves were very stiff and I worked quite some time on them to get them relaxed.

I had gotten good raises all four years there and made good money. I hadn't anticipated you'd be willing to ride so far so soon." Julie crossed her arms. No way can I pay you back for an 00 bike." Julie's job at a mortgage processor didn't pay well and she hadn't made much of a dent into her student loans the two years she had been working. "I have plenty of money, Julie." I was an engineer at an engineering firm.I filled a glass with water and went back to Julie. Take this." She leaned up a little bit to take the ibuprofen then sprawled back on the bed. She had some muscle definition, but nothing close to mine. I hadn't massaged a body this nice since I had broken up with Kim and that had been four years ago. Since we broke up, I hadn't dated a girl that could hold a candle to her. Sick thoughts for a brother to think about his sister. "Turn over, Julie." She weakly moved and eventually flipped herself over.I went out, got the bikes off the Subaru and brought them into the room. My dick had gotten a little stiff when I had seen Julie lying on the bed mostly naked. I got Julie's feet relaxed and then worked up her body. When I got to her lower back, I was hugely tempted to slide a hand into her panties. "Julie, you're going to be very relaxed when I'm done. When you wake up, text me and I'll come back." I spent thirty more minutes massaging her front, starting with her feet and working up.Her tits looked so big on her and again I wondered if she would have the energy to protest.

I pushed the sick thoughts out of mind and continued.

Yesterday morning, I got an email from the rally organizers that emergency roadwork had forced the cancellation of that distance. "Josh, I'm not doing the kiddie ride again." A year ago, I had convinced Julie to go to her first bike rally and she had hated it. I was an avid biker and regularly did hundred mile rides. Until then, she had eaten fast food for almost every meal and fast food portions were terrible for someone of her size.

She had weighed 165, which was a lot of weight for her 5'1" frame. Her clothing and gear had marked her as a newbie, more likely to quit than to ride another bike rally. I looked ahead of us and could make out three other woman in the large group; biking was very much a man's sport. I had told her I would push her to ride as fast as she could, but would go no faster. With my shirt off and long pants on, I looked like a 98-pound weakling. When she wasn't exercising, Julie should have eaten 1500 calories a day.

" "I'm thinking of taking it back, but so I can trade it up for an 00 bike.

She had suggested that we get a two-bedroom apartment together to reduce the amount of rent we paid.

We rode over to the lunch area and my four friends were waiting for us at a table. I'll join you shortly." I put our bikes on the roof rack on my Subaru, locked them down and walked over to my friends. With that, I took Julie's arm and gently walked her over to the Subaru.