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They've numbed themselves to the extent where they have difficulty experiencing emotion at all, even forming opinions."have shown that female partners of people with PTSD, in particular, report high levels of anxiety and stress by proxy.My friend Katie*, 25, has dated a few veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.It's routine stuff, like asking "How did work go?

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That's a firm line in the sand," Ajjan warned.

Because many people with PTSD are scared to seek professional help, she recommends both partners start with peer support groups.

She eventually broke things off for good with the soldier — not because of his night terrors, but because he was resistant to seeking help when he most needed it.

"He wasn't willing to open up about things anymore. Yet the primary challenge of dating someone with PTSD isn't dealing with flashbacks and panic attacks every day.

To be clear, my boyfriend was never formally diagnosed with PTSD, which is the case for most military men I know: They've never sought professional help or a formal diagnosis, even though they report experiencing symptoms that are similar to , the U. military "pressured psychologists not to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to free the Army from providing long-term, expensive care for soldiers."Yet PTSD is fairly common in both military and civilian populations. "It happens automatically, especially in uncomfortable situations.

They are unable to communicate, even with just little things.It was clear from our very first date that my boyfriend Omri probably has post-traumatic stress disorder. I'm not sure what the sound was — a car backfiring, a cat knocking over trash can, a wedding party firing celebratory shots into the air.But whatever it was, the sound caused Omri to jump in his seat and tremble.And, while his trauma is a language I can't speak, sometimes you don't need to translate the lyrics to share the emotions behind a song.Would you like to meet exciting single enlisted and officer men and women in the U. "Help them stay connected to support groups, family and friends," Ajjan said, offering her advice for partners of people with PTSD.