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If I could live a life even a tenth as full as the life she lived, if I were able to influence even a fraction of the number of people she influenced for the sake of the Gospel, if my life pointed to Jesus even marginally as much as hers did, then I would consider my life to have been well-lived.So rather than mourning her passing, I want to share a couple of memories of when I was privileged to meet Elisabeth Elliot, and I share these memories as a way of celebrating her life.

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The Audi quattro coaster, the world’s first AR experience to interact with a TV commercial, will soon be released on Norwegian television.

And here’s where it gets really smart: Upon watching the commercial, the device of the viewer’s choice, whether a smartphone or tablet, recognizes the film and allows the car to race out of the TV and into the user’s living room.“AR technology is already a part of our products, for example with the head’s up display, providing the driver with information in the front window,” said Øyvind Rognlien Skovli, marketing and communications, Audi.

When asked how this use of AR will create revenue, Skovli replied, “It’s not a source of income, but a way to let the car customer start their journey in a proper manner in their own home.

The quattro coaster is to underline our Audi ways and to invite more people into our Audi universe.”Austrian candy company Pez used AR gaming to help increase sales of its candy refill packs while engaging its audience on mobile devices.

They can then unlock more characters in the farm by scanning different toys, increasing engagement and driving further purchases.

The award-winning app reached over 40,000 downloads and saw a 19 percent rise in product sales during its launch.

It was the mid-1990’s, I was in my late 20’s, I was single, and I was living in one of the most beautiful cities on earth – Charleston, South Carolina. Emboldened, I turned and sat down across from Elisabeth Elliot, and launched into my hastily prepared, mostly unrehearsed speech. Elliot, you have helped so many people through the years with your words and your writing, including me.

I was working full time for the resident theater company at the Dock Street Theater, and I was attending East Cooper Baptist Church, one of the largest churches in the area, where I was a regular part of the single’s ministry. I have been inspired by your story, and the way that you challenge my generation. Elliot, I would like to offer you a Pez.” What happened next happened two different ways.

Not all brands have quite figured out the impact of AR on profits just yet, but one thing is certain: with its ability to generate such high engagement, it won’t be long before AR will start translating into profits for brands large and small.

360 ‘Vintage Modern’ Regional Tour with Pez special guests Following an epic sold-out national tour earlier in 2018 supporting his critically acclaimed #1 ARIA Australian album Vintage Modern, ARIA-winning rapper 360 now announces a massive national regional tour, further marking his triumphant return to the spotlight.

Targeted at children and known for giving away collectible toys with its products, the brand decided to take advantage of the rise in mobile penetration by launching an app, The Flying Farm.