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Yes, they're allowed to do that, and, as I learned later, so are police officers and family members.

They "pink slipped" me and I was trucked up to the ward where I could be kept 72 hrs against my will.

It was 8pm when I arrived on the ward and dinner-time had passed but I had access to the floor's kitchen - stocked with harmless juices and jello and sandwiches.

And then you turn off the lights and sleep because there is a curfew and nothing else to do. Throughout the night a tech comes to check on you every 15 minutes to see if you're awake, resting, or asleep but I was always asleep.

When you enter the ward, you are escorted by a tech.

They take you to a room for a physical exam and where they draw routine blood work and labs.

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No, you leave when the doctor says you're no longer a threat to yourself or others.